Witness the charm of a poetic land

Where magnificence of terracotta temples unfolds like the verses of a poem. Where melodies of devotion linger in every corner and celebration. Where tranquillity and creativity echoes through the mesmerizing walls of Shantiniketan.

Handcrafted exquisite jewellery collection inspired by

The ancient and earthly treasures of Terracotta delve into the timeless tales of the past, radiating warmth through delicate carvings and intricate designs across temples, sculptures and pottery.

A symphony of devotion, art and tradition. The festive fervour of sculpting magnificence And the melodious hymns adorn the streets Of Bengal with divinity of Maa Durga.

A sanctuary of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Shantiniketan abode's diverse expressions of art and peace through intricate patterns of Alpona and timeless weaving of Kantha Stitch amidst the Upasana Griha.
Jorasanko serves as the living testament of Rabindranath Tagore's legacy.